Collision Awareness Products FAQs

Q: What is the voltage draw of the plug in wall transformer?

A: The transformer draws just one (1) amp and is 24 volts DC.

Q: Do we make units that run on batteries?

A: No, due to the fact that batteries lose their charge over time and must be changed on a regular basis.

Q: Can the sensors be adjusted?

A: Yes they can be adjusted left, right, up and down.

Q: Do the sensors need to be calibrated?

A: No, they arrive already preset from the factory.

Q: Other than red lights, are there other colors available?

A: Yes they also can be ordered in amber, however units must have all red or all amber lights and they can’t be mixed.

Q: How long do the lights last?

A: The lights are LED and have a 100,000 hour life.

Q: Can sensor cables be extended?

A: Yes.

Q: Do your units have an option for an audible alert?

A: Yes, most of our units have an 88 decibel audible alert option, which sounds like a fork truck.

Q: Can units be installed outdoors or in coolers?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of units which are designed for individual applications such as indoors, in coolers as well as exteriors.

Q: What are the units made of?

A: They are made of durable steel and powder coated in bright safety yellow. Our units are also available in Stainless Steel.

Q: Is there an option to have units with brighter lights?

A: Yes, units can be ordered from us with “Brilliant” lights. They are intended for the most part for mounts above 20′.